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Signs Surround You, Love Never Dies

Laurie Majka shares the true story of an unsuspecting mother who falls in love, and has a two-year relationship, with rock and roll’s music legend Mark Abrahamian, the lead guitarist of the band Starship. In love, she discovers life’s greatest joys as she is transformed by a connection that is deeper than anything she has ever known before. However, their destinies, pull them apart. Three years later, after having no contact with him, one day she Laurie a terrible “knowing” that Mark has died – and it is true. He has had a fatal heart attack two days earlier, shortly after stepping off the stage. He is only 46. Her life is irrevocably changed… twice. First, when he is alive – and then after his tragic death.

From the Other Side, Mark soon begins flooding Laurie with astonishing communications in the form of music, dreams and uncanny synchronicities that are so incredible she cannot deny something truly magical is happening. Is it possible we never really die? The signs Mark sends to his love Laurie will astound you and may even help you to begin to recognize messages from your own loved ones. We are all capable of tapping into the signs that surround us, because love never dies…

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Soul Heart Art Books

I began painting flying hearts as a way to send Love, inspiration and positive energy into the World. Soul Heart Art is a collection of 400 paintings I created in four years. Each painting has been paired with inspirational words — Soul Whispers — designed to inspire you to listen to the Whispers from your Soul. You can follow the Soul Whispers on my FaceBook page at SoulHeartArtXO .

I have created eight inspirational books. Each 6.5″ x 6.5″ book contains 40 painting with a matching Soul Whisper, and can be ordered on Amazon. They make great gifts and a great edition to your inspirational library…xo Laurie