My Soul’s purpose is to wake YOU up to the POWER OF YOUR SOUL. YOU are powerful beyond measure… xo Laurie

Welcome, Powerful Soul! My spiritual odyssey began over two decades ago, but it was the loss of a Soul Mate in 2012 that intensified my quest for spiritual understanding exponentially!

This pivotal moment led me to immerse myself in spiritual literature, stories of near-death experiences (NDEs), and a journey of self-discovery. From this profound loss, I found a unique voice as an inspirational artist, creating over 400 paintings that have inspired millions worldwide. My art is more than just visuals – it’s a Spiritual Download – a dialogue between the cosmos and canvas – a Whisper from the Soul, serving as a beacon of light and hope.
Becoming an author allowed me to delve deeper, sharing my journey and the lessons learned along the way.

My series of Soul Whisper books, and especially “Signs Surround You, Love Never Dies,” aims to demystify the communication between us and those who have passed, emphasizing that love and connection transcend the physical realm though signs and synchronicities.

Arizona called to me in 2015, a move that not only deepened my bond with nature but also solidified my love for every facet of life. It was here that I truly embraced my inner light and the profound love that we, as Souls, are meant to share with ourselves and each other. The transformative power of my first medicine journey in 2018 opened new doors to self-discovery, allowing me to experience the expansive, wise, and indescribably powerful essence of my Soul. These journeys have not only reshaped my perception of existence but have also reaffirmed my life’s purpose—to awaken others to their own Soul’s magnificence.

Through empowering videos, Soul-stirring retreats in Arizona, and every soulful interaction, my goal is to channel the unconditional love I’ve experienced and guide YOU toward realizing your Soul’s potential.

This site and ALL my work are dedicated to YOU—powerful beings on the brink of and already awakening. I don’t believe in coincidences, and your presence here is a testament to your Soul’s readiness for transformation. Welcome, I’m sooo glad you’re here…

xo Laurie